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I. Object of Services

SA-shop operator is Ing. Alena Balounová, Luční244, Jinočany 25225 (hereinafter referred to as operator).
E-shop SA is used to link supply and demand of users e shop to buy, respectively sale of goods on the Internet and arranges the sale and purchase of items, old objects of cultural value, etc.
Any transaction between the seller and the buyer will take place by the seller and the buyer and the operator is not responsible for them. Operator assumes no responsibility for third parties to fulfil their responsibility under the transactions going through the e-shop.

II. Registration
SA user can become all natural and legal persons who, under existing laws of Czech Republic, are allowed to award the purchase contract and are over 18 years.
Only registered users can through SA to sell or buy.
Registration is a one-act, in which the new user must indicate correctly, completely and truthfully his identity, namely: surname, name, address, telephone and e-mail. The user must also choose two terms - the user name and password at registration form. Registered user will be log into the system by user name and password. Immediately after sending the registration the user receives a new e-mail asking to confirm the connection, and it underlined active link at the end of e-mail message. Registration is considered completed just at the time of the user's certificate.
User must not engage in trade in SA, if the user provided false or distorted information when registering.
The user is obliged to keep their password secret. Operator is not responsible for any misuse of password by a third party. In the case of misuse of user password, the user undertakes to inform the operator of this fact.
The user has the right to cancel its registration,
if in a given time any liabilities are arising from transactions concluded under the SA
. By completing the registration form the user expresses its unconditional acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

III. Conditions for sellers
Any registered user can offer to sell or to add your own object or advertisement. Addition of goods for sale is authentic and the seller guarantees that the description of the goods corresponds with reality. User shall provide all required information on the object and its location In the Form. Furthermore, user provides more information on delivery terms
The description of the course must be made with no contact of the seller, ie. Address, telephone or e-mail. Operator reserves the right to remove such information from the description of the items.
Seller agrees to pay compensation, if need be, applied to the operator and which should originate from an incorrect, false or incomplete provision of information about goods.
If a seller, offering his goods on the SA, will sell the item outside SA and is not able to physically delivered order goods, seller must immediately apply for withdrawal items from the menu SA. This feature applies to exclude from the menu in the My Account section, or to do so by other means, such as SMS or e-mail (see contacts section). SA immediately excludes the subject from the menu.
The operator has the right to claim the seller a contractual penalty for failure to comply with the preceding paragraph, where, after ordering the goods, operator establishes that the seller has not ordered subject available. The amount of contractual penalties is given in the Price List of Terms and Conditions.
If a customer wishes to take the ordered goods in person at our store, then the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the store. This provision does not apply to cases, if the movement of goods would be difficult or costly (e.g. furniture).
If the unfinished trade ends after the operator gave the buyer and seller contact to each other, the operator is entitled to re - issued the goods on SA. If the seller removes of the goods within one month of re - issuing, in this case the operator charges the seller a fee in the amount of commission, as if the article was sold by SA
IV. Offered goods
Seller guarantees that the purpose of offering for sale is not burdened with the rights of third parties, such as copyright.
Seller is responsible for any violation of these rights.
If there is a need of the approval of the sale, license or other authorization, the seller may offer the subject through the SA only if any approval, license or other authorization was granted to the seller.
Terms of sale and export of objects of cultural value are governed by law No. 71/1994 Coll., Sale and export of objects of cultural value, as amended. The seller is responsible for fulfilling these conditions. If the offered goods is a object that is a cultural monument under the Act No. 20/1987 Coll., the state monument care, the seller must point that out in the describe of items.
Seller who offers through the SA goods subject to the Hallmarking Act No. 539/1992 Coll. is responsible for ensuring that the materials are officially marked. In the description of the offered goods the Seller is then obliged to indicate the fineness of precious metal and the weight of the subject.

V. Conditions for Buyers
By pressing a button BASKET, the buyer accepts the conditions of purchase agreement and buyer is required to buy goods from the seller in the agreed terms. This provision does not apply if the subject does not match to the description purchased by owner in the shop SA.
The ownership to goods passes from seller to buyer at the time of receipt of goods
In the event that the transfer of goods between buyer and seller will be realized outside the premises of the stone trade, the buyer shall, without undue delay, inform the operator. It can be done in person, by phone or e-mail.
VI. Conditions for Operator
Operator mediates the contact between the seller and the buyer. The operator assumes any guarantee for the quality, origin and legality of the goods offered, the tenders for the truthfulness, competence sellers to sell and buyers to buy. Any activity that the operator is required to perform, Operator exercises solely on the basis of data supplied to him by users.
Operator SA is an intermediary that creates opportunities for the development of contractual relationships purchasers. In any case, it does not pass ownership of the object and therefore no risk of damage to the goods or the risk of accidental destruction
The operator has the right to refuse registration of new users, not to accept the offer subject to, or has the right to exclude the subject from the menu without giving any reason.
The operator may set a minimum commission on the sale of goods in the Terms and Conditions.
Operator reserves the right to terminate the possibility of using the SA service users, which seriously violated the Terms and Conditions. In gross violation of these Terms and Conditions shall be considered as frequent cancellations of orders by the buyer or the sale of goods outside SA without subsequent removal of goods from the menu SA.  
Operator does not guarantee stable functionality and fault-free e-shop. Operator is not liable for the accuracy of colour and shape illustrated catalogue menu.
VII. Sales
Antiques uses two types of sales, the difference is in the way of accepting the goods. The method of acceptance is a matter of agreement with the buyer and seller. Agreement is mediated by SA.
Type 1 - handover of goods in SA store
 1.1 The first type of sale: The operator SA is an intermediary of payments and transfer of goods between the seller and the buyer. Seller delivers the ordered goods to the stone trade SA, where the buyer purchases the goods or where goods are shipped to the buyer one of the delivery services (mail, PPL, other transportation, etc.). The first type of sales usually cannot be used for very large goods.
       Seller delivers the ordered goods to the store SA.
       Buyers purchase goods in a shop or you have goods sent.
       After receipt of the goods SA buyer pays the seller for the goods
1.2 Process of Trade
1.2.1 Following receipt in-shop buyers will receive an e-mail message with an overview of its purchase of a selected type of payment and receipt of goods. Subsequently buyer receives mail informing him that his order is processing. This email is also contact to the dealer, who handles the order. Buyer can contact dealer by phone in the event of any queries or changes.
1.2.2 The operator also contacts the seller to agree with reservation of goods ordered, the method and timing of delivery of goods to trade SA. Own acceptance of the goods from the seller is confirmed by a contract between the seller and the SA. If the seller sends the goods to the SA-mail address is required to insure the shipment and keep proof of dispatch in the event of loss of goods, damage to the contents of shipments, etc.
1.2.3 Buyer shall pay the goods either in cash on receipt of goods in a shop in SA, or pay cash on delivery, if he requested that by mail. Goods can be paid a transfer to the account and then either picked up in person at the shop or have sent.
When sending the buyer pays the price of goods in addition to the license fee includes the cost of postage and packing (see Prices).For citizens ( abroad) are fees settled differently according location of buyers. Receipt of goods by the buyer or the receipt of goods for shipping by mail is a signal for the payment of the seller. Payment is described in Section VIII. of These Terms and Conditions.
1.2.4 The Buyer shall pay for the merchandise and take it to 15 days from the confirmation of the binding order, if the operator agrees otherwise. After deadline the operator has the right to cancel the reservation of goods and put goods back into the shop offers SA. If the buyer during the 15-day period will pay the goods, then it is obliged to collect the goods within 15 days, counted from the date payment was received by the operator. If the buyer does not pick up its goods during this period, the goods remain in custody of SA and the Operator is authorized to pay the amount of goods to the seller, and the operator is entitled to a commission. In this case, the goods may not be claimed. If there is no other agreement, operator stores the paid and unclaimed goods for a maximum period of 6 months, then the goods passes into the hands of the operator.
1.2.5 If buyer does not buy the ordered object, although ordered object corresponds to that description, then buyer must paid in SA costs of delivery and returning goods to the seller if the seller requires it.
2nd Type - the transfer of goods between the seller and the buyer separately
to sell of a second type occurs when, if the transfer of goods between the seller and the buyer through SA would be complicated or costly (for example: sale of furniture). In this case, buyer pays a deposit - full price of the goods in SA. It can be done by bank transfer or in cash in the SA store. After the deposit the goods will be handing over directly between buyer and seller. After receipt of the goods by the buyer, the SA will pay to the seller the amount for the goods while the amount of the goods is reduced by a brokerage commission
2.2 Process of Trade
2.2.1 Buyer receives an e-mail message with a recapitulation of his purchase and the selected type of payment and delivery after the confirmation of purchase in shop. Subsequently buyer will receive an email with the information that his order will be executed. This email is also contact to the dealer who handled the order. Buyer can contact the dealer by phone in the event of any queries or changes.
The payment will remain with operator until the buyer accepts the goods from the seller.
2.2.2 The operator simultaneously contacts the seller to agree with reservation of ordered goods until the buyer pays the price of goods and trade will be completed directly between buyer and seller
2.2.3 When the time from ordering goods to the advance payment on behalf of SA exceeds 15 days, the seller has the right to request the cancellation and release of goods to SA offer
2.2.4 When an operator receives advance payment for the goods from the buyer, immediately calls on both parties - seller and buyer – for the transfer of goods. Operator provides them with mutual contacts, i.e.  address, e-mail, phone, each user data for the purpose provided in the registration form. Obligation to contact the other hand is on the buyer.
2.2.5 After the transfer of goods between seller and buyer, seller and buyer are obliged to inform about this SA, by phone or e-mail.
Confirmation of the buyer that the goods was properly taken is the trigger for payment of the seller, while the amount of the goods is reduced by a
brokerage commission.
2.2.6 If the operator is informed about successful handover of the goods only by seller, the operator contacts by phone or e-mail the buyer to confirm or deny transmission. If the buyer fails to do so despite repeated reminder within 15 calendar days from the confirmation of the seller, the operator assumes that the goods were actually handed over properly and sends payment to the seller. Then the trade is completed. 
VIII. Payment Terms
1st Buying goods

1.1 the purchase price referred to in the shop SA is the final price in relation to value added tax (VAT). The purchase price does not include costs incurred in connection with the purchase of the goods, ie postage, packaging and transport costs, and any export licenses for items shipped abroad. If there is no other agreement, these costs are covered by the buyer.
1.2 Buyer pays also the potential costs of delivering goods to trade SA, if the seller requires that in the item description. If the ordered item corresponds to the description of the seller and the buyer still withdraw from the purchase, than buyer must pay the cost of delivering goods to SA and back to the seller.
1.3 The price for the goods and any costs of delivering goods to SA must be paid by buyer within 15 days after confirmation of purchase. After this time the operator has the right to cancel the reservation of the goods.
1.4 Payment and receipt of goods by the buyer in the SA store, or receipt of goods for sending it by mail at the first type of sale or the buyer's confirmation of proper receipt of goods for the second type of sale are signals to pay the seller, while the selling price is reduced by a brokerage commission. At the same time the operator has right to pay the owner of the sold subject after the expiry of 14 days from receipt of goods by the buyer because during this time the buyer has right to make a complaint by the Consumer Protection Act.
1.5 After the completion of the trade operator is required to pay for the goods to the seller in cash in SA store, or send payment to the vendor, within 5 working days from the 14-day period from receipt of goods by the buyer.
1.6 The right to commission arises for operator 14 days after receipt of goods by the buyer. The commission is set out in Price List.
1.7 The operator has the right to enforce contractual penalties from seller who sold goods outside SA, without immediately excluding the goods from the SA offer. The fine is given by the price list and is payable within 10 working days from the invoice by the operator. If the seller does not pay the fine, the operator has the right to end the cooperation and discard all items on the menu.
1.8 The buyer has right to claim when the goods purchased does not match the description provided by sellers in their offer, or if, for example buyer proves that goods is a forgery.
2nd Prices of services
2.1 The Price list is an integral part of these Terms and conditions
2.2 Payment for goods can be made in person at the shop SA or by bank transfer.
The agent SA tells to user all payment information - account number, ect.
2.3 Maturity of contractual penalties for violation of these Terms and conditions of the sale of goods outside SA without subsequent withdrawal from the menu items is 14 days from the invoice by the operator.
X. Personal information

1st the operator undertakes that all personal information provided by users shop SA, will be used only for purposes related to the services of this shop.
2nd The operator undertakes not to provide personal data of registered users shop with a third party unless so determined by law. This restriction does not apply for providing information about the seller or the buyer when it is strictly necessary for the realization of the sale of the counterparty, after confirmation of purchase.
3rd Operator is not responsible for the misuse of personal data by a third party, if it was caused by illegally encroaching to the SA system or the user himself told my username or password to a third party. 
X. Copyright

1stThe seller is responsible for possible copyright infringement, which relate to the offered goods. The seller's obligation is the eventual commitment to the collective administrator of copyright at goods, whose value exceeded the statutory limits, not the operators. Possible reward for collective administrator of copyright is placed in the price of goods counted.
2nd Expert opinions are a matter of agreement between the buyer and seller. SA may mediate the agreement on request. 
 XI. Final arrangements

1st these terms and conditions apply as stated on the website www.starozitnostiantik.cz
2nd Performing an act the user expresses to agree with all provisions of these Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the act. By act are meant all activities developed by the SA shop. These provisions are binding for the user.
3. Operator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and their integral parts. In case of substantial changes of the Terms and Conditions, the operator undertakes to inform users about these changes.
4th The operator is obliged to ensure the availability of site-shop for all version of these Terms and conditions, including the period of validity
5th if there is a legal relationship with a foreign legal or natural person, this legal relationship is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. Dispute arising from such relationship solves the courts of the Czech Republic, respectively. the Circuit Court and Municipal Court in Prague.
6th User cannot use services of SA shop if the user does not agree with the Terms and Conditions of SA shop.


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