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How to place an ad?

1st Form for inserting advertisement
To place an ad in the menu, click the menu on the Insert tab ad. For this operation you must be registered and then logged into the system. In one form can be described in one product and accompanying min.2-5 photos. For additional ad you open a new blank form. Successful communication signals sent product was successfully added. After reviewing the administrator of the advert is published in the offer.

Procedure and conditions
1st Course may sell only a registered user. Registration Option
2nd Seller offers a course that is actually available.
3rd Deposit through the form item is free. Only after the sale belong to the operator of a commission of 15% of the required selling price.
4th If you insert an item with the price lower than 3500Kč, the operator will claim the so-called minimum fee of  500 Kč.
5th If you sell the item outside the shop, you are obligated to him immediately exclude from the menu. For this you use the Exclude from the menu section in My Account (My products), or. Send SMS to phone number 777847216, then give the request to cancel the advertisement number ....

Accurately describe the subject   
1st Offered to describe the product as fully as possible. Good description and sell nice photo! Always give dimensions, material, of which time the subject comes from, the images is an important signature information for the description of the precious metal hallmark and weight, the manufacturer of the course, etc. It is important to note any damage to the subject.
2nd Enter the selling price at which the subject of the e-shop offered. This price must already include 15% service commission. This means that after the completion of the business will receive from the price of 85%.
3rd Attach at least 2, maximum 5 photos, in jpg format.
Very important are the close-ups of the signature image, brand in china, the hallmarks of precious metals, etc. If the object is damaged, do not forget to take pictures of damage.

If you have questions about inserting an advertisement, write to email: info@starozitnostiantik.cz
or working on call 777 847 216

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